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Hire Better.
How to screen bad employees
before they’re hired

Candidates intent on bad behavior don’t want to be watched.

Storegistics gives retail owners a tool for screening bad retail employees. When told during the interview process that employee performance is carefully measured using video from security cameras, candidates with the wrong intentions will choose not to work for you and instead will move on to another, less knowledgeable business.

Key Benefits of Screening Bad Employees:

  • Solves a big problem – before it starts
  • Rewards better employees
  • Helps managers retain their best people
  • Affordable: a big return for low cost

Hire, train, fire is a costly process – to both revenue and brand reputation. Screening bad retail employees and identifying good ones using a traditional interview process and background checks puts hiring managers in the difficult position of having to make judgments based on limited, often unreliable information. In the traditional environment, consistently hiring good people is a major challenge. 

Our solution

During interviews, knowing that employee performance is monitored and reported puts hiring managers in a whole different position with candidates. Video monitoring can form an important part of the interview with emphasis placed on what matters most to management.

For example, candidates can be told that Storegistics video analytics monitoring is used to:

  • reward service excellence
  • improve training
  • increase job safety
  • minimize losses
  • identify and solve customer service problems

Candidates you want to hire are attracted and appreciate being measured, recognized and rewarded for good work while bad candidates are repelled. 

Employee Screening Solution

  • Screen out bad employees before they’re hired
  • Candidates intent on bad behavior don’t want to be watched
  • Interview process includes how Storegistics is being used to measure performance
  • Video analytics being watched and reported also encourage better employees by rewarding good work
Screening Bad Employees Before They're Hired

Telling candidates that employee performance is closely monitored persuades bad employees - who don't want to be watched - to drop out of the hiring process.

Like all our solutions, Storegistics includes a dedicated project manager who works with you to understand the ongoing needs of your business and fine tunes our service to meet those needs.

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