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Meet Storegistics Service

We watch your recorded security video and monitor operations
catching procedure violations, service failures and employee theft.

Reports showing successes, failures and possible problems
are emailed to owners daily or weekly.

We watch and report what
you want to be sure of

We continually monitor employee compliance with your:

  • loss prevention standards 
  • operational & safety procedures
  • customer service, cleanliness & brand reputation metrics
  • other job functions important to your success

Security video is always recording, always vigilant. As a result, we’re able to track and report any activity your cameras see. And we can do this any time, for as many hours needed – any day of the week.

Storegistics service gives retail ownership teams a powerful tool to:

  • Control employee on-the-job performance
  • Elevate customer experience
  • Prevent losses
  • Screen-out new hire candidates who don’t want to be measured
  • Create a new management paradigm – where ownership manages success and loss prevention at a granular level

Storegistics restaurant operations video monitoring is an affordable monthly recurring service. Therefore customers are able to use it every day making it a key part of their standard operation.

Pricing is designed to be flexible. As a result, you can monitor as much or as little on any given day so that your objectives are accomplished.

And our project managers are always available by phone or email to discuss employee compliance monitoring best practices and what works for you.

Storegistics casual dining report

Like video itself, Storegistics reports are objective

Security video images are objective as are resulting Storegistics reports. Management is able to make informed decisions that are clearly documented by hard data.

Reports consist of easy-to-read charts and tables with “red, yellow, green” indicators. Success and failure can be seen immediately. In a glance, any needed follow up actions are clear.

Objective data also makes location-by-location comparisons simple and highly reliable – including across global retail markets.

Big Return On Investment – Low Cost

Using your existing security video as a tool to monitor employee compliance with job requirements, focus training where needed and strengthen loss prevention procedures is a powerful idea; but what about the cost?

Faced with constant pressure to grow revenue, maintain margins and stay ahead of competitors, hiring specialized labor in-house to evaluate video everyday is not an ROI the retail owner can easily achieve.

Problem solved. As a highly efficient, low cost service, Storegistics solves the ROI challenge. One month of service costs a fraction of a percent compared to payroll or other primary costs. There are no employees to hire and no new IT equipment to buy.

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