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Protect your social media reputation using security video

The ability to promote and protect your social media reputation using security video creates a new customer experience tool. As a result, ownership is able to consistently monitor, gather data on, re-train and reward employee behaviors that drive customer reviews.

Your restaurant or sports bar locations already have security cameras and video – now that video asset can be leveraged to create better employee-customer engagements. Better engagements, better customer experiences, better reviews.

Key Benefits

  • Control employee performance at a granular level
  • Identifies employees putting good reviews at risk
  • Tracks compliance with management’s social media goals
  • Spotlights problems needing quick attention
  • Measures service transactions, times, components
  • Affordable: big return for low cost

A positive, high rated social media reputation can’t long survive with employees creating bad customer experiences. But how do owners and managers retain top people while giving focused training to those who need it and termination notices to identified bad actors. Managers can’t watch everyone all the time.

Traditional methods of measuring success put management in the difficult position of having to make judgments based on limited or subjective information. Promoting, training, motivating and firing the correct people remains one of the biggest problems in restaurant, hospitality and retail service business.

Our solution

Having Storegistics help protect your social media reputation using security video gives your management team a new, customer experience tool. Our monitoring team is watching, measuring and scoring social media review related activity – captured on camera.  

As a result, employee performance measured against social media goals is tracked at a granular level. Good employees can be rewarded, under-performers can be trained in the exact activity needing improvement and non-performers can be let go.

Social Media Reputation

  • Leverages your existing investment in security video
  • Identify at-risk employee actions & behaviors
  • Monitor and score known positive review criteria
  • Track employee success performing positive review metrics
  • Measure customer service transactions, times, components
  • Focus training based on objective, video data
  • Reward employees who outperform
Expand Control of Social Media Reviews:

Closely monitoring employee - customer engagements means retail owners and management teams have new, expanded control over customer experience and social reviews.

Video monitoring social media review-type activity
creates a consistent process

With a video monitoring solution your management team can be confident they’re paying attention to the right social media review-type activities.

At the same time, employees remain aware that customer experience and social media reputation are management priorities. And this culture of awareness helps everyone succeed.

If the business axiom “anything that’s watched and measures improves” is true for retail service, then Storegistics video monitoring can be especially useful.

Example social media related activities to monitor using Storegistics:

  • Cleanliness standards
  • Compliance with customer service expectations
  • Compliance with operational processes & standards (e.g. food preparation)
  • Customer transaction times
  • Customer response times / wait times
  • Table service procedures / time metrics
  • Customer traffic flow, bottlenecks, over-crowding

The ability of your sports bar, restaurant or retail service business to protect social media reputation using security video can form the foundation of your overall strategy for Facebook, Yelp and other places where customers are sharing their opinions about you. Security video is objective, measurable and consistent – a good asset to build upon.

Protect social media reputation using security video

Like all our solutions, Storegistics includes a dedicated project manager who works with you to understand the ongoing needs of your business and fine tunes our service to meet those needs.

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