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Loss prevention using security video monitoring

Keep honest employees honest and identify those who are not.

Loss prevention using security video monitoring is an important capability Storegistics gives retail owners. Your restaurant or sports bar locations already have security cameras and video – now that video asset can be leveraged to keep honest employees honest and identify those who are not.

Key Benefits of Monitoring Video for Loss Prevention:

  • Enforces compliance with business policies
  • Keeps honest employees honest
  • Stops theft and shrinkage in any area with cameras
  • Lowers workers comp: unsafe behavior, incidents, insurance cost
  • Reduces liability exposure and increases safety for employees & customers
  • Affordable: big return for low cost

Using video to prevent losses is likely a big part of why you have a surveillance system. The problem is monitoring that security video, measuring the analytics and reporting the findings – continuously – is difficult or not doable internally.

Failing to be ever-vigilant against theft, liability, workers comp and property destruction at best is a business problem and at worst, destroys margin. Layering multiple protections works best and loss prevention using security video monitoring succeeds where other methods don’t.

Our solution

Monitoring your security video for loss prevention positively impacts all category of employees: good, bad and at-risk. Good employees are more satisfied with their workplace, bad employees are caught and employees at-risk of attempting bad behavior are persuaded not to.

Video monitoring can form an important part of your loss prevention strategy – across multiple areas – with rotating Watch Windows aimed at what matters most to management; at the moment and over time.

Loss Prevention Monitoring

  • Leverages your existing investment in security video
  • Monitor Theft: not only acts of theft but also patterns of behavior before theft occurs
  • Improve Workers Comp: track employee compliance with safety requirements
  • Reduce Liability: monitor employee and customer hazards and enforce risk avoidance rules 
  • Monitor “Negative Space”: enforce employee compliance with staying in view of cameras
  • Low cost solution with high ROI impact on multiple business areas
Controlling Losses:

Closely monitoring employee performance means retail owners and management teams have new-found, expanded control over loss prevention.

Storegistics helps create a culture of loss avoidance

Losses you want to stop are stopped. At the same time, an environment of “management cares and is watching” is instilled in employees. As a result, a culture of loss avoidance is created.

Examples areas of your business to monitor & measure with Storegistics:

  • Cash theft
  • Theft of services: sales not recorded, coupon fraud
  • Theft of customer items
  • Inventory theft
  • Inventory damage
  • Protein spoilage and improper handling or storage
  • Worker’s Compensation claims
  • Property & Casualty Insurance costs
  • Food handling safety
  • Kitchen safety
  • Customer safety
  • Environmental risk avoidance: use, spills, disposal, storage
  • Equipment maintenance, non-abusive use and life extension 
  • Energy savings: compliance with energy saving policies
  • Water savings: compliance with water usage policies
  • Fire prevention
Storegistics Report: Cover charges cam 7

Like all our solutions, Storegistics includes a dedicated project manager who works with you to understand the ongoing needs of your business and fine tunes our service to meet those needs.

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