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How we work 

Let’s walk through how operations monitoring works and the steps we follow to start service for a new retail location.

Before Service Begins  

Before service starts for your location, we’ll evaluate your existing video surveillance system to determine what can be seen by your cameras. We call this your Site Evaluation.

Planning What to Monitor (the metrics)

After we’ve completed your free Site Evaluation, we’ll do a project planning call to determine what you want us to watch and report
(the metrics). We also do planning calls when needed as you change the metrics over time to meet your needs.

During these calls with you and your team, our project managers gather the details about what you want us to monitor (our Tasks) and the times you want us to monitor – these are time-slots we call Watch Windows. We’ll also discuss your DVR and camera setup.

With the details established, we’ll ask you for a service start date. And as service progresses, we’ll be in regular contact with you to refine or tweak any Tasks.

We Access Your Video

Because our monitoring team is watching your existing security video at each of your locations, we access your DVR / NVR recording device or cloud-based video files:

  • We establish an Internet connection between our cloud-based servers and your location using your existing broadband. Or if your video files are saved to the cloud, we connect there.

Our Monitoring Team Watches & Reports

During each of your location’s non-business hours, our monitoring team examines video from the specific security cameras and time segments that were created as Watch Windows during our project planning call.

  • The Watch Window Task (the to-do you’ve told us to monitor) is evaluated 
  • A Storegistics Report – designed to highlight priority findings – is created containing the detailed results and data 
  • The Report in PDF format is sent to designated recipients via email

How We Work

  • Site Evaluation
  • Project planning call (determine what to monitor)
  • We access your video
  • We watch and report

Closely monitoring employee performance means retail owners and management teams have new-found, expanded control over costs, losses and results.

Our Monitoring Team

Video monitoring team members are Storegistics employees; not contractors or crowd sourced. They are professional data workers hired for disciplined, linear thinking – because evaluating security video requires focus and attention to detail.

  • Helping team performance is our proprietary algorithmic workflow that’s a data-driven methodology for eliminating defects. It’s designed to maintain a consistently low standard deviation between the mean and the nearest specification limit in any video evaluation or data management function – from initial data capture to reporting.
  • Service includes a dedicated project manager who will work with you directly as well as manage our video monitoring employees evaluating your Watch Windows.
  • Our project management team is based in our Washington, DC headquarters.
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