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What is the Free Site Evaluation?

What is the free site evaluation and what does it include?

The site evaluation tells us – and you – how Storegistics service will work for each of your retail locations.

It’s an evaluation of your existing security video system, its existing cameras¬†and recording device (DVR/NVR), for the purpose of determining what all the different cameras can see and how we’ll work with your DVR to watch recorded video files.

How does the site evaluation work?

The next step after we get your free site evaluation request is to schedule a project planning call with you or your IT support team.

During the call we’ll gather the details we need to evaluate your existing cameras and DVR video recording device. We’ll also discuss, if you’d like, what Watch Windows you’re most interested in setting up – at least initially – so we can compare what you want to watch with what the cameras are able to see.

What information do I get back with the completed evaluation?

We’ll provide you with a detailed report of what each of your surveillance cameras has a view of and how we’ll watch recorded video using your DVR device.

Also, we’ll report how well your current camera angles support what you want us to watch and measure – if you’ve given us that info during the project planning call.¬†

Does the site evaluation create any obligation to purchase service?

No, we’ll provide you with the detailed report and then you decide to order service or not.

Do I need a credit card to order a free site evaluation?

No you don’t need a credit card. We don’t need any payment information unless you choose to order service.

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