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About Storegistics
Employee monitoring to help retail service work better

Storegistics is an employee monitoring company for restaurant and retail service owners. We watch security video to monitor employee compliance with ownership’s standards, procedures and customer experience objectives.

As a result, we solve one of the biggest problems restaurant and retail owners have – under-performing employees. Our customers include Restaurant, Bar, Franchise Systems, Club and Retail Service ownership teams.

The key to successful retail service business is good employees consistently meeting or exceeding service standards. By watching a retail location’s existing security video, Storegistics reports exactly how employees are succeeding or failing in their performance of assigned duties.

The solution categories we most commonly address:

Company at a Glance

  • Based in Washington, DC
  • Founded in 2011
  • Co-founder & CEO¬†Rich Schulte
  • Connect with Rich on LinkedIn

Big Return On Investment – Low Cost

Using your existing security video as a tool to monitor employee performance, focus training where needed and strengthen loss prevention procedures is a powerful idea; but what about the cost?

Faced with constant pressure to grow revenue, maintain net margins and stay ahead of competitors, hiring specialized labor in-house to review video everyday is not an ROI the retail owner can easily achieve.

Problem solved. As a highly efficient, low cost service, Storegistics solves the ROI challenge. One month of service costs a fraction of a percent compared to payroll or other primary costs. There are no employees to hire and no new IT equipment to buy.

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