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How to Hire Better Retail Employees

To the employee with a feeling of ownership, every success, big or small, is something to celebrate. Every failure, big or small, is something to worry about. This rare and wonderful employee takes every aspect of their job personally and is driven towards excellence...
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Bad Burger King Employee Puts Feet In Lettuce – Photo Goes Viral

The image soon spread through social media after the town's Facebook page began to get deluged with comments...
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In Praise of Monitoring Employees

The real shock was how much overall performance improved. Weekly revenue increased on average by $2,975, or 7% of total revenue...
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Keep Great Employees: Rid Your Pasture of Weeds

The weeds in business are the poor performing employees who stifle the good attitudes of their fellow employees. If you’re not pulling your weeds, their productive counterparts won’t stick around...
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Retailers using security video as a management tool

The security video saw what I didn’t,” says Ivor Bradley, owner of The Creamery in San Francisco. "Sales shot up 100 percent...
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